November 04, 2011

Oh So Beautiful, Lovely & Inspiring

It’s my very first blog post. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to link with Gussy Sews for an inspiration workshop post.

My first blog post and my first “linky party” all in one day. I’m excited and ready to share.

Inspiration Workshop prompt: Flowers

As soon as I saw flowers I knew immediately what I wanted to share.

My favorite little flower shop that I find oh so beautiful, lovely and inspiring.

I came across Coriander Girl whiles flipping through a home décor magazine. I made a note of her shop and later checked out her website. I instantly fell in love with the flower arrangements, the assortment of merchandise and the overall simplicity of the store.

 If I knew anything about flowers I would definitely want a shop similar to this.

Onto my favorite flower: The Peony.

I love peonies...

Via: Oh Happy Day

especially when wrapped in paper.

Peonies found in Bern 5x5
Via: Sarah Tucker Travel Photography sgmtucker Etsy

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

See you next friday.

Ti Madame

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