December 16, 2011

Red: A Color Story

I have my mind set on dreaming big again. I say again because at one point I dreamed big and believed big. But something happened. I stopped dreaming big. I dreamt but not big like I use to. I allowed the negative voices of the world get a hold of me and my dreams. Instead of believing that "with God all things are possible"(Matthew19:26), I allowed doubt to come in and settle where my big dreams once lived. Well not anymore. I'm ready to start dreaming big again. I've pitched my tent in the land of hope and my feet is firmly settled on Christ the solid rock.

In deciding to be bold with my prayers, the color red came to my mind. Red is a color I kind of steer clear of. I have a list of reasons why I say no to the color red. After giving the color some thought my eyes were opened to the beauty of the color red and I came away with a new list of reasons why I can say yes to the color red.

As a way to celebrate my new appreciation for the color, I decided to look for red items around the house and take pictures of them. Here is my "Red Color Story."

"and with your blood you purcahsed men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation." Revelation5:9(NIV)

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