January 13, 2012

Mint: A Color Story

I can't get the color mint out of my mind. I love that color. It's so pretty, soft, crisp, clean and fresh. It makes me smile and I feel so relaxed when I see it.

I thought since I can't seem to get it out of my mind I would do a color story on the color. I went on the hunt around the house to find the color mint. I found a mint colored t-shirt and decided to do a simple fashion mood board around the t-shirt.


With notebooks also on the brain, I thought it would be fun to hand make a mint colored notebook. So I went off to Michael's in search of mint colored paper. (Inspiration craft field trip!)

I got my paper and supplies...

and I made a notebook. I was going to cover up a store bought notebook, but thought where was the fun and challenge in doing that. I stuck to my original plan and made a mint colored notebook with a handmade envelope in the front cover. I'm so proud of myself (tap on the back).

I like how it came out. I need some more practice but for my first time without the proper tools it's pretty cute.

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